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Hooter Hoop

Hook 3 hoops over the hooter. To win all hoops must go over both ears.


Numbers 2

Players throw 3 balls, add up their numbers, winners add up to less than 7 or more than 11. 


Putting Green

Get a hole in one with the Putt Master mini golf carnival game. 


Can Smash

Player gets 3 bean bags to attempt to knock as many of these can down as possible.


Potty Toss 2

Players use their throwing skills to toss the balls in the colorful bin game to see if they can land one in the potty.


Wrecking Ball

Swing the wrecking ball to knock the dice off the platform. 



Players chose a color. They then drop a mini disc down the chute and watch to see if they can land on the color picked.


Shock Wave

Guide the loop over a twisted wire without touching it. A touch will ring the bell.


Color Wheel 

Players choose one color and then give the wheel a spin. Oh, the suspense of waiting for the wheel to stop. If it lands on their color they win!

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