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Super Deluxe

Flip as many pins as you can with 3 pucks sliding past the foul line.
How many can you flip?


Tin Pan Alley

Player rolls 2 whiffle balls- 2 balls match white or blue wins small prize-both balls in red wins large prize


Super Deluxe
Frog Hop

Players will be given 3 toy frogs to land as many as possible in the box.
Can you make all 3?


Super Ring Toss

A one-player tabletop game which involves shooting plastic rings on pegs to win. How many will you make?


Card Darts

Do you have what it takes to shoot a bullseye?


Super Fat Cats

You get 3 chances to knock down as many of these fat cats as you can.
Can you knock them all down?


Skee Roll

Played by rolling a ball up an inclined lane and over a “ball-hop” hump that jumps the ball into bullseye rings


Over Under

Players roll 6 balls down the board. They add up their total sum that the balls rolled into. A total is 11 or above you're a winner.

Big Bear Banger

Big Bear Banger

Players can test their throwing skills and accuracy by tossing balls to try to get one into the wild bear’s mouth. A bell will sound when the player wins! 

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