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Fish Bowl

Players attempt to toss ping pong balls into fish bowls, if you can make it in – you win!


Hacky Sack Attack

Up for a challenge? Play a game of hacky sack and try to land the sack on the red circle. 


Potty Toss

Make all three balls in the potty without getting them stuck on the rim.


Big Mouth 

Player gets 3 bean bags
to attempt to land at least one
in the clown's mouth.


First & Ten 

Player attempts to toss bean bag into the hole so the football player can score a touchdown!


Pumpkin Buckets

Players at the Pumpkin Buckets game will test their skill to see if they can land a ping-pong ball in each of the buckets. 


Hoop Shoot

This tabletop game is for 1-2 players and the goal is to toss the ball into the small hoop to win!


Krazy Kans

Player gets 3 bean bags
to attempt to knock as many of these krazy kans down as possible.


Stop & Throw

Player attempts to toss wiffle ball into each color slot to win!
Can you make them all?



Player gets 3 wiffle balls, all of which, must land into a slot and the goal is to line them up to win!


Tip -A - Troll

Player gets 3 bean bags
to attempt to knock as many of these trolls down as possible.


Stand A Bottle 

It's all in the wrist for this game! Use the aluminum rod with an attached hook to stand the bottle up. 


Bull Ringer

This table top game is played by swinging the ring to try to land on the hook under the bull’s nose. 


Hook a Shark

Up for some fishing? By using a fishing pole hook 3 sharks and try to move them to the blue circle. Hook all 3 and win. 


Dart Drop

Players stand next to the game and try to aim their darts inside the red circles. 3 darts in wins.

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